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2. ALL Entry forms must be signed.
3. All exhibits must be exhibitor’s own production.
4. All classes are open (Except where specified).
5. In the event of insufficient entries in any one class, the Society reserve the right to use their discretion with regards to prize money.
6. Judges may withhold prizes where exhibitors do not show sufficient merit.
7. In all classes exhibitors must supply their own boxes or plates where necessary.
8. Entries may be delivered to the Centre on Saturday, 10th September between 7 - 9 pm or Sunday 11th September between 8 - 10 am.
9. No exhibit may be removed before 3:30 pm on Show Day. No prize will be paid in Livestock Section if exhibit is removed before 3:30 pm.
10. All prizes to be paid within 45 days of Show.
11. Entries will be accepted via our website or on printed forms only.
12. Latest date for receipt of entries Friday 2nd September, 2022
13. The committee will not be responsible for any accident of any exhibit, exhibitor or agent of exhibitor, and shall not entertain any claim for compensation or otherwise, on any grounds whatsoever.
14. All exhibits in Animal Section must be accompanied by attendants and remain under care of such attendant during the Show – who will be solely responsible for his charge.
15. Exhibitors shall provide cattle, horse, and sheep with adequate halters. All cattle must be trained to lead and tie.
16. NOTICE: All animals must have the appropriate tag and card and be within the T.B. Test Limit laid down by the Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry.
17. The decision of the Judges to be final and the instructions of stewards and officials must be obeyed at all times.
18. All cups and trophies are perpetual and must be returned.
19. Objection must be lodged in writing to the show secretary together with fee of €20 within Half an hour following judging of the class concerned refundable in the event of the objection being held.